Hummer Limo for Stag Night

You probably associate limousines with glitzy glamorous awards nights, and with your wedding planning and the big day coming up limousines still mean miles of tulle and a chauffeur in a top hat. While you are excited about riding in a sleek and stylish limousine with your new bride, your stag night is all about how manly you can be so hire a convoy of Hummer limousines to declare to the world that you have arrived and are ready to party.

While Hummer limousines can seat more passengers than a normal car or even a normal stretch limo, you may still need several Hummers to transport all of your mates to the festivities of your stag night. A convoy of Hummer limousines will make a stunning display through the streets and you can even vary your choices of Hummer limos and include one of each colour, or even the unique Gargoyle Hummer or Joker Hummer limo which has a poker set up inside.

The convoy of tough Hummer limos will create a manly display on your way to your stag night celebrations and will leave few people in doubt what you and the boys have planned for the night. The display of a convoy of Hummer limousines arriving may even be able to secure you a few drinks specials at the pubs you choose, or even skip to the head of the line at a popular club.

The Hummer limo convoy will also have plenty of room for you to chat to your mates during the night and you can all switch and enjoy each Hummer limo on different legs of the stag night. At the end of the night, the numerous Hummer limos can divide into groups of the guys who live closest to each other so you are not paying too much extra for the numerous drop off points around the UK to get your mates home again.

If you are interested in organising a Hummer limo convoy for your stag night Hire Limos is here to help.